My Review of Jane Espenson’s New Webseries Husbands

October 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

I should have predicted that Jane Espenson would win me over, in spite of my initially skeptical reaction to the pilot of her new webseries, Husbands. After all, I always have initially skeptical reactions to new gay media enterprises, because I know that they will so inevitably become part of my world lit only by collective media consumption. Also, I actively love the webseries format, although thus far I am a The Guild loyalist through and through, only occasionally catching up on its sibling series, Sandeep Parikh’s Legend of Neil. So a gay webseries, particularly one penned by one of my favorite Buffy writers, is pretty much precisely my niche. And now that I’ve marathoned the first seven episodes and done my preliminary google confirmation that everything I saw was really there, I can say it: Welcome to my niche, Husbands. Make yourself at home.

Welcome, too, to Haley, Brady, and Cheeks. Alessandra Torresani, I am so glad you and Jane Espenson are working together. I loved Caprica, and was very sad to see it go. Haley is already my favorite character, a more cheerful Zoe Graystone, really, so I can’t wait to spend scotch o’clock with her on a regular basis. Sean Hemeon, you have a lively Twitter account and your performance convinced me within seconds that you were an actual professional athlete. Well done. I am very savvy in that area, as you can probably guess. Brad Bell, I’m sorry that I keep crediting Jane Espenson and not you as the writer and creator of the series. It’s because I feel that I know her better. But I love your character, and I see that you already have sexy fanvids devoted to you, so, there it is. I wish I had a fanvid.

I love the premise of the show, obviously. I love love, and I love meta reflections on internet culture, from acronyms to the gossip machine. I love self-centered drinkers, so, you know, that part works, too. Things I want from Husbands: comic books (we need more gay comics!), a crossover episode with The Guild (perhaps Bladezz tries to become a man by getting into baseball?), some new characters (particularly some new characters from various, less often represented parts of queer life in LA), but above all else, as many seasons as possible. I think one of the main reasons that I was disappointed by the pilot was that it was so short — I’m getting used to ten-minute episodes of The Guild :). I know that it’s best to start small, but I’m ready for more. Let’s make a deal: If I can get everybody I know to catch up with the episodes you’ve released so far, you have to make more. I want a musical guest, you know? I want everything.

What can I say, I’m selfish.


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